Current Items

1. Trout Habitat
2. DNR Measure to Limit Manure Production
3. In the Courts as of January 11, 2018
4. Wysocki case at the Wisconsin Supreme Court
   a. Case now in the hands of the Court
5. Wisconsin Green Fire New Environmental Organization for help on scientific information and professional expertise
6. Central Sands Act 10 Study Area Funding
   a. DNR Central Sands Study Page
   b. $400,000 in budget for study area funding. DNR ready to begin the study which will take several years to complete.

The Coalition
The Central Sands Water Action Coalition (CSWAC) is a coalition of groups in Central Wisconsin that have joined together to protect water in this unique region of the state.  We advocate for the fair use of water resources among the diverse interests that live in the region. The mistaken belief that there is an unlimited supply of water in the Central Sands region has led to irresponsible use of the resource. We believe that smart, science-driven decision-making can guarantee that there is enough water for everyone.
1. Maps of the Central Sands
2. News and updates page for more information related to Central Wisconsin’s groundwater
3. Newsletter Archive
4. Contact the CSWAC
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1. Seven High Capacity Well Permits Vacated.
2. CAFOs threaten Wisconsin waterLynn & Nancy Utesch
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Wisconsin Water Action
1. AB599/SB506 Bill to limit DNR ability to define Navigable Water in some cases
   a. Committee Hearings Tuesday Nov 28,2017
2. Central Sands Act 10 Study Area Funding
   a. Joint Finance, See #8 and #9
   b. Krug Statement after Budget Signed
   c. $400,000 in budget for study area funding. DNR ready to begin the study which will take several years to complete.
3. Sulfide Mining Reduce Restrictions Bill Journal Sentinel
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Presentations and Videos
1. February 8, 2017 Water Lobby Day – visual compilation of all of the studies done in the Central Sands Region since 1976 (maps and notes to maps)
2. December 13, 2016 Water Resources Education Coalition
   a) Wisconsin’s Public Trust Doctrine and Water Law Cases
   b) Central Sands Groundwater Impacts
   c) Groundwater Impacts to Lakes and Fish Populations
   d) Economic Impact of Water
3. Videos about Water Quality, Quantity, and Use in Wisconsin
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It’s Your Water

CSWAC is one of the organizations leading the effort to generate awareness for the Its Your Water campaign!
Why a public awareness campaign about wisconsin water?
– In a state so rich in water resources, it is unacceptable that people can’t drink their tap water because of unsafe levels of lead, nitrates or bacteria.
– Because we rely heavily on outdoor tourism and waterfront property for income and enjoyment, and cannot continue to risk our lakes, rivers and wetlands drying up or being dangerously polluted.
– Because we pride ourselves on just public process, and cannot take away local governments’ ability to protect their property values and unique water resources.
**JOIN US! Your voice makes a difference. Take one minute to add your name at ‪#‎itsyourwaterwisconsin‬