Information – Handouts

Handouts can be used in communicating information concerning water issues in Wisconsin

1. High Capacity Well Impacts Wisconsin Wisconsin’s Greenfire
2. CAFOs threaten Wisconsin water Lynn & Nancy Utesch
3. Hi Cap Status Update and Background Regarding Wisconsin High Capacity Wells
4. Central Wisconsin’s Disappearing Lakes & Rivers. A brochure designed to help citizens better understand the basics about groundwater, the crisis in the central sands, and what fair and balanced groundwater legislation should include. Please feel free to share this with your friends and neighbors to help answer their questions about groundwater and legislation. (CSWAC)
5. Groundwater Quality Fundamentals Bradbury, Kraft, et al for Groundwater Quantity Workgroup
6. Little River Plover Study – Model UW-Extension
7. Groundwater Quantity Fundamentals
8. High Capacity Well Impact
9. Oct2019Riparian Property’s Economic Impact

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