Water Quality Is An Issue

1/3 of all wells tested statewide contain nitrates, pesticides, pesticide metabolite and Atrizine.  Wells in heavy ag areas have higher frequencies. From: UW Stevens Points, College of Natural Resources, Center for Land Use Education – “Wisconsin Land Use Megatrends, Summer, 2014

Groundwater Impacts to Lakes and Fish Populations (Presentation December 13, 2016 Water Resources Education Coalition)

Central Sands Groundwater Impacts(Presentation December 13, 2016 Water Resources Education Coalition)

  • Reduced groundwater stresses tree roots making them more vulnerable to diseases and insect attack
  • Natural re-growth of sugar maples, our State tree, is being impacted by invasives and groundwater decline
  • From:  Dept. of Natural Resources – “A Statewide Strategic Plan for Invasive Species, Priority Objectives 2013-2016”

    Central Sands has a large Water Problem .Dec 2015 CSWAC oped local media

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