Wisconsin Water Action

Regulations Proposed by Agencies
1. DNR Proposing Permits for Small Scale Dredging in Lakes (Wisconsin Lakes and Ponds)

Senate Bills
1. Assembly/Senate Bill
     – Passed Senate April 5, 2017
     – Passed Assembly May 2, 2017
     – Signed into law June 1, 2017
     – $400,000 in budget for study area funding. DNR ready to begin the study which will take several years to complete.
   a. SB76 Now Law
   b. Proposed study areas SB76
     1. Original Possible Irrigation Study Area – SB76
     2. Amendment 4 (Testin) – Present Possible Irrigation Study Areas (more inclusive of the Central Sands)
2. Assembly passed SB76 in place of AB105

Assembly Bills
1. Assembly Bill 105 March 1, 2017
     SB76 passed in place of AB105

1. March 17, 2017 Saratoga Water Ordinance Gets State Ok
   a. DNR letter
2. Trout Habitat

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