Information – Videos

Videos – various topics concerning Water Quality, Quantity, and Use in Wisconsin

1. The Cost of CAFOs video
2. Kewaunee Cares video
3. The Cost of CAFOs videoBridgit Bowden – WPR
4. Kewaunee Cares video
5. Not Standing Still: The Degradation of Wisconsin’s Waters, short film by CSWAC member, Friends of the Central Sands (FOCS) depicting the loss of water in Wisconsin’s Central Sands. (with Elward Engle/retired DNR, George Kraft commentaries)
6. “Life with Nitrates: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly” (Rome Saratoga Friendly)
7. “The Other Side of CAFO” (Eric Petersen)
8. “Proposed Golden Sands Dairy CAFO” (Criste Greening at CSWAC steering committee meeting in Aug’16)

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