Editorials, Articles, OP-Eds, and Handouts

Information concerning water quality, quantity, and use in Wisconsin

1. Foxconn plans in Wisconsin
2. Potential for Manure Spreading Rules
3. SB76 local impact Ben Rogers
4. SB76 study areas need funding!
5. Golden Sands Mega Farm (Wysocki)
   a.Wysocki CAFO decision – perhaps some hope Karl Madden
   b. Krug Statement after Budget Signed
6. Senate Bill 76 Assembly Version Now The Same As Senate (Wisconsin State Journal March 3, 2017)
7. Possible Ag Oversite Change Lee Berguist – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
8. Grower’s Fact Book – Bad Science Lee Berguist – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
9. Protecting groundwater in recognition of the national Protect Your Groundwater day. (Clean Wisconsin, River Alliance of Wisconsin and Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters)
10. Long Lake has lost its shore line and twenty miles north of Lang Lake, a six-mile-long coldwater trout stream, the Little Plover River, landed on a list of America’s 10 most endangered rivers because of its declining flow. (Wisconsin Watch)
11. Richfield Dairy Hi Cap Well Permit – Controversy Ron Seely – Wisconsin State Journal

1. Foxconn Potential Environmental Problems
2. Groundwater Pumping Must be Managed (CSWAC)
3. A response to the claim that Studies Show Trees Are Drying Lakes and Streams (CSWAC)

1. CAFOs threaten Wisconsin water Lynn & Nancy Utesch
2. Hi Cap Status Update and Background Regarding Wisconsin High Capacity Wells
3. Central Wisconsin’s Disappearing Lakes & Rivers. A brochure designed to help citizens better understand the basics about groundwater, the crisis in the central sands, and what fair and balanced groundwater legislation should include. Please feel free to share this with your friends and neighbors to help answer their questions about groundwater and legislation. (CSWAC)
4. Groundwater Quality Fundamentals Bradbury, Kraft, et al for Groundwater Quantity Workgroup
5. Little River Plover Study – Model UW-Extension

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