Economic Impact

 Water Related Tourism Impacts Central Wisconsin and Wisconsin Statewide

Water Related Tourism Central Wisconsin
Total income for Central Wisconsin from tourism equals $1.5 billion
2014 Economic benefit, water-related tourism for Central Sands region (Adams, Marquette, Portage, Waupaca, Waushara & Wood counties)
Direct Visitor Dollars           $577.7 million
Business Sales                     $877.0 million
Employment                        9067 people
Labor income                     $189.1 million
State & local taxes             $  60.9 million (not including property taxes)

Agriculture Central Wisconsin
Total income for Central Wisconsin from all agriculture related industry equals $1.5 billion

Water Related Tourism Statewide
From:  Dept. of Natural Resources – “A Statewide Strategic Plan for Invasive Species, Priority Objectives 2013-2016”
2011 Tourism data shows $16 billion economic impact, 181,000 jobs, $1.3 billion in State and local taxes and $950 million in Federal taxes generated

Forestry Statewide
Same Source
Forestry had $28 billion economic impact and 66,000 jobs

Impact of some Water Related activities
From: UW Stevens Points, College of Natural Resources, Center for Land Use Education – “Wisconsin Land Use Megatrends, Summer, 2014
1 million anglers spend 20,000 days fishing and generate $1.4 billion in annual trip and equipment expenditures to Wisconsin economy
Active outdoor recreation generates $9.7 billion to State economy, 129,000 jobs, $570 million in State tax revenue, $7.5 billion in retail sales and services
Each year 2.1 million people go boating, 1.9 million visit a beach, 1.7 million fresh water fish, there are 600,000 boat registrations and 48,000 duck hunters

Waushara County Tax Impact
From:  WcHydroPoly.shp, Waushara County GIS, 9/28/2013 & ParcelsandTaxData.shp, Waushara County GIS, 8/29/2013 & WI_County_Bnds.shp, WI DNR, 2/13/2012 – Waushara County Property Tax Study
1. Properties adjacent to lakes in Waushara County account for 3% of total acreage and generated 30% of the property taxes in the County.
2. Properties adjacent to lake front properties account for 7% of the acreage and generated 7% of the property taxes in the County.
3. All other properties account for 89% of the acreage and paid 63% of the property taxes


2015 Waushara County Tax Study

Economic Impact of Water (Presentation December 13, 2016 Water Resources Education Coalition)