The goal of Central Sands Water Action Coalition (CSWAC) is to advance sustainable groundwater policies in a six-county region in Central Wisconsin, focusing on water quality, drinking water safety, and groundwater pumping (water quantity) issues.

The coalition was formed in response to the unmanaged proliferation and pumping of high capacity wells in the central sands, which have impacted the levels and flows of a growing number of lakes, streams and wetlands during average and modestly dry precipitation periods. (The current record precipitation levels have temporarily masked the long-term effects of pumping.) The vast majority of high capacity wells in the region are being used by the potato and vegetable industry which has been in a period of aggressive expansion. 

CSWAC in no way believes that groundwater pumping for economic purposes should be banned, but rather that the state needs to better manage pumping amounts consistent with maintaining healthy lakes and streams.

Since Governor Evers declared 2019 the “Year of Clean Drinking Water,” CSWAC has been actively supporting positive proposals and management solutions to groundwater pollution during the 2019-2020 legislative cycle, not only for the central sands region, but for the entire state.  We will continue to share information and advocate for good long-term solutions that address groundwater pollution issues.

CSWAC continues to focus on ways to create and foster sustainable practices that will protect both water quantity and water quality.

CSWAC Member Groups

Adams County Lake Alliance
Big Roche A Cri Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District
Brekke Lake Association
Bughs Lake Management District
Bughs Lake Property Owners Association
Cedar Springs Lake Property Owners Association
Central Wisconsin Nature Foundation
Comstock Lake Property Owners Association
Concerned Rome Citizens
Crooked Lake Association
Crystal Lake Club
DuBay Property Owners Association
Easton Lake District
Fenner Lake Improvement Association
Frank Hornberg Chapter – Trout Unlimited
Friends of the Central Sands
Friends of Lake Emily
Friends of the Little Plover River
Friends of Mirror and Shadow Lakes
Friends of the Tomorrow/Waupaca River
Friendship Lake District
Gilbert Lake Advancement Association, Inc
Goose Lake Watershed District
Hancock Pine Lake District
Huron Lake Association
Irogami Lake Tax Management District
Johns Lake Management District
Jordan Lake Rehabilitation & Protection District
Lake Mason Management District
Lake Napowan Lake Association
Lawrence Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District
Little Silver Lake Improvement Association
Long Lake Association (Saxeville/Springwater)
Long Lake District (Oasis)
Marl Lake Rehabilitation District
Marquette County Lakes Association
McDill Inland Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District
McGinnis Lake District
Norwegian Lake Association
Parker Lake Association
Pearl Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District
Peppermill Lake Management District
Pine Lake Property Owners Association
Pleasant Lake Management District
Porters Lake Management District
Protect Wood County & Its Neighbors
Rinehart Lake Association
River Alliance of Wisconsin
Saratoga Concerned
School Section Lake Association
Spring Lake Management District
Stratton Lake District
Stratton Lake Property Owners Association
Tri-Lakes Management District (Arrowhead, Camelot, Sherwood)
Tuttle Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District
Twin Lake Owners Association
Twin Lakes Conservancy Inc
Waupaca Chain O’Lakes Property Owners Association
Waushara County Watershed Lakes Council
Weyauwega Lake Restoration, Inc.
White Lake Management District
White River Flowage Lake Management District
White River Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District
Wisconsin Association of Lakes
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters
Witters Lake Property Owners Association
Wolf Lake Association
Wood Lake Property Owners Association
Working Together for Waupaca County

Executive Committee

Skip Hansen, Chair – Porters Lake Management District Chair

Criste Greening – Leader, Saratoga Concerned and co-founder Citizens Water Coalition of Wisconsin

Francie Rowe, Legislation – Pleasant Lake Management District Vice-Chair

Brian Wolf, Long Lake (Oasis)

Communication Team

Karen Reynolds, Gilbert Lake Advancement Association, Inc.

Contact Information

Email us at centralsandswater@gmail.com

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