The Rise of PFAS

Click here for an informative article on PFAS by Tommy Enright.

Two Huge Wins for Groundwater Quality

The Wisconsin Supreme Court issued two opinions that are huge wins for groundwater quality, ruling that the DNR does have the authority to  protect groundwater from pollution and from overuse. Read an article about these decisions here.

Standards for PFAS Chemicals

The DNR will begin developing groundwater standards for 16 PFAS chemicals and six pesticides, and will begin setting maximum contaminant levels for PFAS chemicals in drinking water. Read more here.

Midwest Environmental Advocates Seeks to Protect Spills Law

Joined by the River Alliance of Wisconsin, Citizens for a Clean Wausau, Clean Water Action Council of Northeast Wisconsin, Wisconsin Environmental Health Network, and Doug Oitzinger, a former mayor of Marinette, Midwest Environment Advocates is seeking to protect the Spills Law. Read more from the River Alliance of Wisconsin here.

14 Mile Watershed Alliance News

The 14 Mile Watershed Alliance is officially a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The organization seeks to achieve measurable improvement in surface and groundwater quality within the 14 Mile Creek Watershed by supporting and implementing sound conservation practices, and educating and creating partnerships with all stakeholders. Read the announcement here.

DNR Launches Healthy Watersheds Initiative

The DNR has launched a Healthy Watersheds, High-Quality Waters initiative to protect the state’s waters. The program will focus on both improving impaired waters and protecting water resources that are in good condition. Read more here.

Clean Water Referendum Passes with Bipartisan Support

On April 6, 2021, the voters in Marquette, Portage and Wood County voted to support the right to clean water in Wisconsin, with a 73% yes vote in Marquette County, a 77% yes vote in Portage County, and a 76% yes vote in Wood County. Read the press release from River Alliance of Wisconsin here.