The Wisconsin Department of Tourism, Office of Outdoor Recreation, states on their webpage: “With over 15,000 lakes, 43,000 miles of river shoreline, and 6 million acres of public land, it is no wonder outdoor recreation is the number one marketable reason people visit Wisconsin.” 

The Central Sands Region of Wisconsin is well-known for the many lakes, rivers, streams and “quiet” wildlife/nature recreational opportunities available to both Wisconsin’s citizens and visitors seeking outdoor experiences to enjoy.

Tourism revenues, particularly related to water activities, have brought economic vitality to our communities as well as property tax revenues from riparian property owners within our counties, and money spent at local businesses (groceries, sporting goods, restaurants/taverns, construction companies, hotels/cabin rentals, campgrounds, travel guides, and entertainment venues to name a few). This all contributes to our region’s municipal infrastructure funding. Since some riparian property owners have a primary residence away from their water property, municipalities also benefit from not having to provide social services, healthcare, schools/teachers to these property owners and their families during the “off-season”.   Therefore the economic impacts of abundant, healthy surface waters to enjoy fishing, water sports, nature photography, life by the water with family and friends all continue to support our local communities’ financial vitality. 

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