Proposed Bills

List of the Legislative bills proposed by the Water Quality Task Force, 13 of which were passed by the Assembly and then died because the Senate did not act on them during the 2019-20 legislative session.

10 bills were passed unanimously, 3 were passed along party line votes, (those 3 bills were not supported by conservation/environmental organizations):

  • AB 793/Changing the municipal flood control grant programs’ priorities
  • AB 794/Influencing the Groundwater Standards Process
  • AB 798/Funding biomanipulation of lakes

The state Assembly also amended AB 797/Prohibiting the sale/use of coal-tar sealants and high PAH sealant products to include AB 476/Lead testing of potable water in certain schools (Amendment 2).

See the Quality Reviews and Summaries page for a summary of the WQTF’s proposed bills.

Livestock Facility Siting and Expansion – introduced on 2/11/20 – AB 894

Livestock Facility Siting and Expansion – introduced on 2/11/20, then withdrawn on 2/20/20 from Senate floor schedule – SB 808


No new laws were passed or enacted during the 2019-20 Wisconsin state legislative session.