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Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council Report to the Legislature 2020

High Capacity Wells

High Water Level Tools

United States Geological Survey/USGS


CSWAC Education Video “Unmanaged and Uncontrolled: High Capacity Wells are Drying our Lakes, Streams and Wetlands” (17:00) – 6/2/18 posted on YouTube, narrated by George Kraft, Professor Emeritus, UW-SP

Rules Process

Proposed Rules


NR 812 public hearings completed on 12/16/13 (proposed changes); 1/15/19 (permanent rule); standards written/final 7/1/20


Groundwater Quantity – Per the updated High Capacity Well Review Process webpage, DNR will follow these legal/legislative rules and the ruling of the State Supreme Court in the Lake Beulah Management District v. DNR case (2011 WI 54, ¶¶ 30-34, 39, 44-46, 62, 63) re: “it’s duty to protect and preserve navigable waters under the public trust doctrine”.