Groundwater Coordinating Council Report to the Legislature - 2022


  • From “Into the Outdoors,” an Emmy-award winning educational network environmental series, a standalone piece on the Central Sands called Water Use Conflicts – Wisconsin’s Central Sands (7:06 minute video) with optional free educational lessons available – 2018. The video includes environmental/science and ag/farmer viewpoints regarding groundwater usage
  • Life with Nitrates: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly – Eric Peterson/Protect Wood Co. & Its Neighbors/Saratoga Concerned/Rome Saratoga Friendly re: Overview of Armenia contaminated private drinking well-water and proposed Golden Sands Dairy/CAFO in Saratoga  (13:25 minute video) – 1/29/17
  • Unmanaged and Uncontrolled: High Capacity Wells are Drying our Lakes, Streams and Wetlands – focused on Central Sands high-cap Wells (17-minute You Tube video) – 2018. This video was created to fill the need expressed by water advocates for a short, easy-to-digest piece that can be used for self- and group-education.  The video starts with an explanation of groundwater connections with surface water, how high capacity well pumping has exploded over the past few decades, and how our surface waters have been impacted as a result.  The video takes on several false claims of the pumping industry – groundwater pumping increases streamflow (who knew?), trees are the problem (even in places where no trees exist), and that water advocates are untruthful environmental activists – as well as the politics that prevent us from making progress on this issue.



Water Resources Education Coalition presentation at public event hosted by CSWAC, held at Plover Municipal Building – 12/31/16