Water High Now, But Prepare for Normal and Dry Times

The Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association’s (WPVGA’s) Joe Kertzman got it right in the September 23rd Argus – the levels of lakes and groundwater are way up right now. And though he didn’t say it, so are the levels of wetlands and the flows of streams.

It’s curious that the WPVGA should bring up water levels at this time, as they’ve often deflected attention from lake and stream drying due to high capacity well pumping by claiming water levels barely ever change. We have to wonder: could they be trying to sow confusion in anticipation of the release of DNR’s Central Sands Lakes Study (CSLS)? That study, due for public comment in March 2021 and submission to the legislature on June 1, is supposed to recommend measures that could limit how much water irrigators can pump when unlimited pumping causes fish die offs and lake and stream drying.

More on the CSLS later, but first let’s explore what makes water levels go up and down.

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